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If you don't want a name brand like
Sun May 13, 2018 2:56pm

Philips or Sanyo, you can get the 65" 4K for well under $1000.

I have a 50" 2K I've been using for about 3-1/2 years now. Paid $265 from Bi-Mart for it on a close out. It's a no-name and it continues to work great.

I had to give up on Netflix for a variety of reasons. I come to realize that I had pretty much watched just about everything on it I wanted to watch and it was getting harder and harder to cull the detritus for something I'd want to spend time on. And most of the new stuff they were getting was either grade z horror crap or Netflix produced stand up comedy and they haven't scored once yet on that shit.

  • Netflix had nothing on it.Wyngs, Sun May 13 2:00pm
    Will check the tube later.... While I was at Netflix, I changed from one disc out at a time to two. Been watching a lot of movies with Maxine, and had too many nights with nothing to watch. $12 a... more
    • If you don't want a name brand like — Dee, Sun May 13 2:56pm
      • It won't be long now...Wyngs, Mon May 14 12:45pm
        My 60in is acting up. Every 30min or so, I'll suddenly get multiple pictures, or the screen will turn green, etc. A host of things. I hit the screen format button and it corrects it, so I'm still... more
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