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It won't be long now...
Mon May 14, 2018 12:45pm

My 60in is acting up. Every 30min or so, I'll suddenly get multiple pictures, or the screen will turn green, etc. A host of things. I hit the screen format button and it corrects it, so I'm still using it, but something's definitely going tits up.

I love Netflix, and my queue is almost up to 500. Haha. My source for old silents and everything else. I can't do any of the online sources because it eats up my data too fast, and neither of us would like watching movies on the monitor anyhow.

Took Maxine to the Casino last night, and on her third button push she collected $890. She's still in a state of shock today. Haha. She had a great mother's day. She played another $20, didn't win anything further, and wisely quit.

Not so with me. Being a special day I took $100 to lose - and I did. I didn't get a single hit of anything remotely exciting. Back to the $20. Haha.

  • If you don't want a name brand likeDee, Sun May 13 2:56pm
    Philips or Sanyo, you can get the 65" 4K for well under $1000. I have a 50" 2K I've been using for about 3-1/2 years now. Paid $265 from Bi-Mart for it on a close out. It's a no-name and it continues ... more
    • It won't be long now... — Wyngs, Mon May 14 12:45pm
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