Spending money I shouldn't but...
Tue May 15, 2018 10:05pm

...This is for something that has been on my bucket list literally since I was a kid and we would watch the Indy 500 together on TV.

I just paid for my 5 minutes of Indy racing fame and will drive one of the cars as fast as it will let me at the Las Vegas International Speedway on June 9th. There will be two Go Pro cameras on the car to record a driver's eye view of the action.

The cars are obviously detuned but I can expect top speeds as high as 170+ MPH. What a frickin' rush!

Skip to the 2:45 mark on this vid to get a taste of the action:


    • Holy ...!Wyngs, Wed May 16 12:15pm
      Haha. I hope you really enjoy it! Not on my list but I bet I would also. (grin)
      • I am *ucking stoked. It was close to 30 years ago when I read that you could pay to drive an Indy car on a real Indy track but back then it was hideously expensive. It took a couple grand to get in a ... more
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