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Oh yeah, I will most definitely enjoy it!
Wed May 16, 2018 9:01pm

I am *ucking stoked. It was close to 30 years ago when I read that you could pay to drive an Indy car on a real Indy track but back then it was hideously expensive. It took a couple grand to get in a car AND there was only one place in the country you could do it - Indianapolis.

Now, because of demand, they do it everywhere they race Indy and NASCAR cars and the price has dropped a LOT.

I was already flying to Vegas to visit Amber and her family so decided to add this to the trip. I get one on one training with the crew chief, 5 minutes in the car which is 3 laps on the 1.5 mile oval, and cameras mounted on the car to record the run. The ride is $249, insurance, training and an Indy license is $39 and the Go-Pro camera additions (2) was $108. Not cheap but I still get the package for under $400. My credit cards were all paid off so I said now was the time.

I could have got a longer run but the price just went up from there and I just couldn't justify it seeing as I am not completely out of debt, as you know...grin..

  • Holy ...!Wyngs, Wed May 16 12:15pm
    Haha. I hope you really enjoy it! Not on my list but I bet I would also. (grin)
    • Oh yeah, I will most definitely enjoy it! — Dee, Wed May 16 9:01pm
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