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Winning anything at the casino?
Wed May 30, 2018 9:14pm

I gave it a try for the first time since I had been down there last week. Promptly lost $40 bucks, crapped my pants and left. hahaha

    • Hell no!Wyngs, Wed May 30 10:41pm
      They have tightened up so bad that customers are leaving. It's a very greedy bunch. We stopped by today and I left $20 ahead. I think they may be seeing the light, as I doubt there were more than a... more
      • Yes the Indian casinos suck! Go to Dee, Thu May 31 12:05am
        a quiet bar/lounge that has Oregon casino machines and over the long haul you will see a better return. Like you said, Indian casinos are not regulated at all. Oregon lottery is required to pay back... more
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