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Hell no!
Wed May 30, 2018 10:41pm

They have tightened up so bad that customers are leaving. It's a very greedy bunch. We stopped by today and I left $20 ahead. I think they may be seeing the light, as I doubt there were more than a dozen cars in the parking lot.

It's actually foolish to go to an indian casino, as the state has no regulatory powers over them, and they do not publicize their payout like they do in Nevada. Where Nevada casinos payout 89% and up - hence in competition with each other - I doubt very much if these Indians pay out more than 50%.

Whenever any staff are within earshot, I tell Maxine, "I think it's time to start going to The Mill." Haha.

The casino currently has me by $480 after 17 months. Still cheap entertainment, but it's been so tight it isn't much fun any more.

What would be more fun is to get 3-4 of us together, each of us putting $100 in a pot, and than, playing one $20 only, he who gets has the most, collects the pot. (grin)

  • Winning anything at the casino?Dee, Wed May 30 9:14pm
    I gave it a try for the first time since I had been down there last week. Promptly lost $40 bucks, crapped my pants and left. hahaha
    • Hell no! — Wyngs, Wed May 30 10:41pm
      • Yes the Indian casinos suck! Go to Dee, Thu May 31 12:05am
        a quiet bar/lounge that has Oregon casino machines and over the long haul you will see a better return. Like you said, Indian casinos are not regulated at all. Oregon lottery is required to pay back... more
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