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I left this review at Trip Advisor...
Thu May 31, 2018 3:44pm

"They've gotten way to tight for me. As a wild guess, I doubt payout is much over 50%. Too greedy. Taking my lady to the Mill Casino from now on."

  • I shall have to check that out. (nm)Wyngs, Thu May 31 2:49pm
    • I left this review at Trip Advisor... — Wyngs, Thu May 31 3:44pm
      • The oregon lottery gaming slots....Wyngs, Thu May 31 3:46pm
        ... have a payout of 92.22%. Not bad at all. Gotta locate a place with them. On the down side, the biggest possible win is $600.
        • Oh no! The biggest wins are into the Dee, Thu May 31 6:58pm
          THOUSANDS! Grocery stores just won't pay for anything over $600 and bars can't pay for any win over $1199. I've driven to Salem twice over the years to cash in BIG wins.
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