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I don't think my arm would let me fly fish any more. :(
Fri Jun 1, 2018 12:30pm

You'll need some tapered leaders. I've forgotten how to tie the leaders to the line, but I'm sure you can Google it. Tying the fly on I remember. You stick the leader thru the eye of the fly, wrap it loosely around itself a half dozen times, back thru the eye, bringing the end up under the loops, and tighten.

I prefer dry fly fishing. (The fly floats). It's exciting when you can see the strikes. Look for eddies behind rocks. Fish take a rest there. Flip the fly into that eddy, and once the current takes it away a few feet, cast again. Try each rock a few times before moving on to the next. A hungry fish will hit that fly almost as soon as it hits the water. When you've fished all the likely looking eddies, just start over - a fish may have moved in.

I can't make it this weekend. Sorry.

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    Hey Dad this weekend is free fishing in Oregon and Mike and possibly Glenn and I are going to go fishing up Cow Creek. I want to take your old fly rod out and try it out and would love it if you... more
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