Interesting Dream
Sun Jul 8, 2018 9:56pm

I had a very strange dream the other night. In the dream I was somehow sent back in time to a rocky beach in Oregon where I met my early 20s self. I had never had a dream like this before.

He come around the corner of some rocks and we looked at each other and after a pause, we both shook our heads in a "WTF" moment.

It was so real. In the dream I remember thinking how young and smooth his skin and face looked. And he had thick hair. (haha)

My younger self then asked me, "Well, did everything work out all right for me? For us?"

As I began to respond, he faded back behind the rock as the ocean and sky behind him turned to a swirling, milky white fog and I awoke.

I have had many weird dreams but this was the first time I met a younger version of myself in the dream. Fascinating.

    • Re: Interesting DreamWyngs, Mon Jul 9 12:39pm
      That's one I've never had. Haha. A couple of days ago I took a midday nap. That was a mistake. I dreamed Blaze and Wayne were here and we were going crazy fighting fires that kept springing up out of ... more
      • I hate those dreams hahahaDee, Mon Jul 9 8:48pm
        The classic, stuck in molasses as you try to dodge the bullets or save someone from drowning or whatever. Yeah that shit sucks...hahaha
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