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Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:21am

I'm 27yo single female first timer to anything like this. Considering coming to the club one afternoon but really nervous. Is there anyone else who hasn't been before wanting to go but a bit unsure like me and going anytime soon so I can latch on to you lol? Also people who have been before is there any pressure to participate or can I just look round etc the first time? Thanks in advance x

    • Re: Nervous John, Fri Aug 11 7:47pm
      Latch onto me. Single white male Musuclar ,aged 37.... X
    • Re: Nervous John, Fri Aug 11 4:26pm
      No pressure. Lots of people go to watch and never play. No pressure to play at all. Nice place just to chill out.
    • Most welcome..Maz, Fri Aug 11 12:08pm
      Hi, I was in yesterday for my first time. I haven't been to such a place before. I totally understand how you feel. The main issue about first time is you don't know anyoneand you feel a bit... more
      • Maz again...Mazen , Fri Aug 11 12:19pm
        Sorry, here is it my email
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