Thursday 10th jan first time visit
Wed Jan 9, 2019 3:53pm

Hi, I have been very curious for a long time to try this place out on a Thursday. Is it expected to be busy tomorrow 10th jan between 3-6pm. Iím quite nervous about this though something Iíve wanted to do for so long. Also when signing up as a member obviously personal details will all be given do quest ever send correspondence or advertising mail by post? Thanks hope to hear back.

    • Thursday 10 JanJo & Dave, Thu Jan 10 11:17am
      Hi D Usually it would be pretty busy here between 3-6pm but with it being so soon after Christmas to be honest we're not sure what to expect! If you want to ring us closer to the time you're thinking ... more
      • T girl event 10th jan D, Fri Jan 11 7:29am
        Hi thanks for the reply it was very reassuring. So much so I decided Iíd come along concurring the nervousness and try it out with the hope of enjoying the club and having some fun. I called ahead... more
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