Doug Hayman
Saturday's Coho Spawner Survey, Nov 11, 2017 10 a.m.
Fri Nov 10, 2017 07:48

Hey Guys, same place, same time for another survey I was hopping for a little more water in the creek but !!!! I guess we can not control the weather. I have checked the ladders and they are all good, so maybe we might get lucky. Hope to see you tomorrow Saturday at 10 am Chaucer and Fromme, Hastings Creek at Hunter Park, Your pal Doug

    • Coho sighting Dave dunsterville , Mon Nov 13 13:19
      Hey all I just spotted what I think is a Coho in Hastings creek under the bridge behind Ross Road school. It's Monday at 1:20 PM
      • Coho in hastings creek Doug , Mon Nov 13 14:04
        Thanks so much girls letting us know I look there every day And never have seen Lucky you And thanks again Doug
        • CohoDave dunsterville , Mon Nov 13 14:23
          I took a video of it with my phone if you would like to see it call my cell 778-996-3474
        • Re: Coho in hastings creek Doug , Mon Nov 13 14:05
          That should been guys not girls Dfh
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