Eagle Nest Monitiors
Tue Feb 13, 2018 19:17

NSSK has received the following request. Is anyone interested in helping with the eagle nest monitoring?

To NSSK: I am wondering if any of your fellow Streamkeeper volunteers would also be interested in Bald Eagles and helping out with the monitoring of their nests? My name is Sally McDermott and I have taken over from David Cook the monitoring of Bald Eagle nests across the North Shore and then reporting to Bird Studies Canada the number of active nests and fledglings each year. What I am looking for is someone who has an interest and the time to observe the nest in late fall to confirm occupancy, then in late February to early April to visit the nest site once or twice a week to observe if the eagle pair are sitting on eggs, then in June and July how many chicks did they successfully fledge.

As you may know an Eagle pair have built a new nest in a cotton wood tree near the mouth of Mosquito Creek on the Spirit Trail just west of Burrard yacht club. I am looking for a monitor for here.

Also for Mahon Park. There was a nest just west of the water-park but it is gone. Do streamkeepers do any work on the creeks that run through Mahon Park? Would love to talk to anyone that visits the park regularly and might have noticed eagle activity.

Kind regards, Sally

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