Lynn Creek Work Starting – Volunteers Needed
Tue Aug 14, 2018 17:34

The instream work on the Lynn Channel project is starting. We need volunteers this week and next. If you can help anytime between August 16 and August 24 please contact Glen at 604-499-4727 or Some of the work is hard and some gentle. For example:
1.Survey in the levels for the 4 structures (Thursday or Friday this week)
2.Guide trucks to the site. Basically, walking with the 20 +/- trucks that will be bringing in the boulders and logs. This is to alert hikers and minimize conflicts. You will need a Streamkeeper vest on. (Monday next week)
3.Putting up signs for the project and temporary plastic fencing around the work areas. (Monday next week)
4.Drilling holes in boulders and epoxy anchor cables to logs. (Tuesday to Friday next week) Note: This will be led by BCIT students and NSSK volunteers will mostly fetch and carry for the “experts”
Thanks for any time you have!

Info on the project: There is an existing side channel on the creek that is habitat for juvenile coho. This channel is being enhanced with 4 structures of logs and boulders to mimic the effective natural structures in the channel. The objective is to improve the habitat to support more fish and reduce the mortality of fish caught in pools that dry up. We have about $50,000 of cash and about the same in "in-kind" contributions for this project.

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