Salmon-Safe BC Design Competition for Urban Development
Thu Aug 16, 2018 06:50

The Challenge

Stormwater run-off is one of the largest non-point sources of pollution in urban areas affecting the health of salmon and our watersheds. Stormwater often contains contaminants such as hydrocarbons and heavy metals derived from vehicle exhaust, brakes and leaked fluids as well as nutrients, pesticides and bacteria from urban and agricultural uses. During rainy days, these contaminants are collected by rainwater, flow over large paved, impervious surfaces and drain into local fresh and marine waterbodies through storm drains and pipes.

The Salmon-Safe BC Design Competition for Urban Development challenges you to answer:
How can we reimagine our cities and design our urban buildings to adapt to climate change and address water quality, water quantity, and the restoration of aquatic and terrestrial habitat?

The Competition

The Salmon-Safe BC Design Competition for Urban Development provides an opportunity for visionary, progressive and innovative development champions and other landowners to bring design solutions for responsible land and water management to life. Winners will receive $6,000 each towards the cost of a Salmon-Safe assessment and certification, which includes technical support to implement low impact development solutions and Salmon-Safe urban standards on their site to address land and water impacts.

For details, see the competition details and guidelines here:


Applicants must submit the following:
Competition online application form
Site plan for proposed development (emailed to Theresa Fresco at

Deadline: September 30, 2018

Questions? Contact:

Theresa Fresco
Regional Manager, Greater Vancouver Sea-to-Sky
T: 604-488-5363

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