North Shore News Article on Lynn Channel Project
Thu Aug 30, 2018 07:36

There was an article in the August 29 NSN. A link is below. It is a very good article but the critical roles of the BCIT Rivers Institute and the District of North Vancouver were not emphasized enough. BCIT provided so much expertise and equipment, as well as student volunteers, that their importance cannot be overstated. Dave Harper and Ricky knew what they were doing and provided leadership to the rest of us! The DNV provided unwavering support, including permits, access, staging area, plants and even yesterday offered to help in significant ways on signage and fencing.

Have a look at the article and if you are asked about it please reinforce the roles of DNV and BCIT as it was the combination of their support with that from the Port of Vancouver and Pacific Salmon Foundation that allowed the project to proceed.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out.


    • Important pointZoAnn Morten, Thu Aug 30 08:12
      Money is a big part of an enhancement project, but the core is the partnership, to design a project that can be used to apply for the funds and people to do the work itself. In kind (works done... more
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