Stuart Porter
Riverside drive Chum run
Mon Nov 5, 2018 14:40

On Mo! somethings run a foul on the Maplewood creek (newly installed creek crossing) and the Chum can't Hum ...please help

    • maplewood creeksharon porter, Tue Nov 6 08:04
      hatchery to remove chum & collect eggs today. I want them relocated to the upper side of the culvert to spawn naturally. Can you HELP me in my request? Sharon
      • updateZoAnn, Tue Nov 6 21:23
        just to update. Seymour came and were able to take a few for spawning at the hatchery and move others to the upstream end of the culvert. Such a shame that the new culvert was installed and is not... more
    • maplewood chimZoAnn, Mon Nov 5 22:22
      Hi Stuart are you talking of the culvert at Mt Seymour and Riverside? We noticed the fish stacking up there and DNV came by today to check out what is happening. Hard to see down the length of the... more
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