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can't we all just get along?
Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:12pm

all this bickering is upsetting my wife gladys who happens to be my first cousin. we reside in west vagina so we think our marriage is legal? we couldn't afford a wedding so a local man of god had us jump over a broom and then said we are hitched. We invited nick and tim to our wedding but they declined our invitations. the three of us might have the same daddy but we are not sure? we took our honeymoon to an abandoned coal mine and consummated our marriage. my wife's uterus is swollen and cramping and she has a urinary track infection. she now weighs more than 200 pounds. all this turmoil has caused her to miss her period. since we are related it would not be good if she is pregnant again. we already have five kids. three have mongolism and the other two have birth defects including no thumbs and very low intelligence. I am a hunter gatherer. my annual income is less than 5,000 a year. if we lose obama care insurance my sister will have to deliver any new babies as she did previously. the government revenuer's discovered and shut down my moonshine operation. I no longer get income from liquor sales. two of our neighbors moonshine operations were also shut down. the word in moregantown is that russians ratted us out to trump. sum new neighbor only drinks vodka so we suspect he is an ungodly communist. my wife voted for hillary because she is for socialized medicine and welfare including food stamps which would have benefited us. curley bill is related and offered to sell us two of his mules but we can't afford any. I had to sell one of our five dawgs so that really upset my wife. that dawg was really good at catching squrrals and possums.

    • Re: can't we all just get along? - Junior Johnson, Fri Jun 16 7:43am
      Krakatoa is West, not East, of Java. So there's that. But I've been to West Virginia more than a few times, and there's nothing vaginal about it that I've ever run across. Just the opposite.... more