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Tony Clifton
Re: Strong words for a dropout reprobate
Sun Jul 2, 2017 10:06am

Well said. Even poetically said. I know that rocky road myself, every dip and rise and washout. And I know that those who have taken it also know that when you get to nowhere, which in truth is everywhere, you discover what you should have known all along. Namely, that the well is dry as driftwood, and all you got left to drink is dust.

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    You and your punk friends will someday run out of luck and opportunities. Like water, your youth and good looks will run through your fingers, and abandon you to years of looking at the rocky road... more
    • Re: Strong words for a dropout reprobate - Tony Clifton, Sun Jul 2 10:06am
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        Since I don't have nuts I'm in no need of having them cracked, Thank you very much.
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          Life is good if you're pressing your sixties to the floor with a handful of Ritalin and washing them down with a Mickey Big Mouth. Of all the goddamn trailer parks, I have to get a rental at the... more
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        gawd almighty cant you people act normal? ya just a bunch of homersaxals and retards. acting like the russon communist revoltist. ya insult vaginas and make exkuses your dad shoulda take you behind... more