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Maybe it's time we draw a line in the kimchee
Mon Sep 4, 2017 12:46pm

Kim Jung Un is pushing us, but he may not like where we go. In the past our leadership lacked the testicular fortitude necessary to bring peaceful cooperation to the North Korean part of that peninsula. The belief was that the Kim clan might destroy Seoul within minutes. But as Bull Simmons said once, "Civilian casualties are a necessary part of any combat operation." I think we owe it to ourselves to think about that statement for a minute. Time's up. Losing Soul would be a great tragedy. Men, women, children, wiped out in a hour or so, the city leveled, poor and rich alike gone, bitter memories for all. But compare that loss to the potential loss of Fairbanks, Alaska, America. It's not so funny now, is it? I aso you, what are we waiting for? That woman at the U.N., Haley, she said that Kim Fat Jung Un was begging for war. Now I normally don't like to give charity to beggars or slow pokes, but in this case, for your protection and mine, I say let's ship that boy a week's supply of excuse me please and see how he likes standing in the refugee line for his next sip of rice wine and a steaming bowl of seaweed. Obama, who, as we know, was a Jihadist and a foreigner, passed on his opportunity to set the record straight. But if everyone would just leave Trump alone long enough to get this done then we would all sleep better at night.

    • kimchi and testicular fortitude - call me Spiegle, Thu Sep 28 11:05pm
      Having personal knowledge that people who eat that stuff regularly live into their nineties, Trumpster needs not to delay.
      • Re: kimchi and testicular fortitude - Suds, Mon Oct 9 4:55pm
        Anyone who reaches their nineties by way of the Kimchee diet deserves to meet their fate the hard way and I am talking exclusively about IBS. Look, Kimchee, which is sourkraut marinated in fish sauce ... more
    • Or maybe not. - Lassiter, Tue Sep 26 10:23am
      Leaving that chump alone long enough to do anything is a recipe not only for insomnia, but global calamity. He requires babysitting, like a toddler. A mentally retarded toddler. Moreover, what makes... more
      • calling real men sexually insecure. If anyone here is breaking a sweat over the size of their own personal pork rind it would be a squirt like you. I've seen your sort before. Let me guess, you're a... more
      • Let's don't bring Barra into this. - call me Spiegle, Wed Sep 27 10:40am
        He's paid his dues by now. Or, think of it this way: Most phone companies would go broke if it weren't for the WOPs.
        • barra is my friend - Nick, Wed Sep 27 2:16pm
          we used to go fishing together and drink Kool-Aid while we fish. He asks me to put the worm on his hook because he does not like to touch the worms. I used to be a fan of boyer but he would not allow ... more