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Or maybe not.
Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:23am

Leaving that chump alone long enough to do anything is a recipe not only for insomnia, but global calamity. He requires babysitting, like a toddler. A mentally retarded toddler.

Moreover, what makes you think, not that you are capable of doing so, that losing Fairbanks is somehow a greater tragedy than losing Seoul? (If nothing else, nuking Alaska would at least rid us of Palin. Now there's some collateral damage well worth its cost.)

Do you really believe that the U.S., or any country with nuclear capability, can employ that capability, and not set off a global chain reaction that is bound to impact everyone to their everlasting detriment? Think, mi buen amigo, think.

I know, judging by your posts, that you are so sexually insecure that you sprout hard, wide and handsome for Herr Gropenfuhrer's "testicular" rhetoric--which, by the way, is all that it is, rhetoric, a bunch of Barra-like hot air--but take my advice. It would redound to your benefit to make more of an effort to not permit your inadequacies in that area to cloud what little reason you may be capable of mustering in your more sane and sober moments.

Just sayin'.

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    • kimchi and testicular fortitude - call me Spiegle, Thu Sep 28 11:05pm
      Having personal knowledge that people who eat that stuff regularly live into their nineties, Trumpster needs not to delay.
      • Re: kimchi and testicular fortitude - Suds, Mon Oct 9 4:55pm
        Anyone who reaches their nineties by way of the Kimchee diet deserves to meet their fate the hard way and I am talking exclusively about IBS. Look, Kimchee, which is sourkraut marinated in fish sauce ... more
    • Or maybe not. - Lassiter, Tue Sep 26 10:23am
      • calling real men sexually insecure. If anyone here is breaking a sweat over the size of their own personal pork rind it would be a squirt like you. I've seen your sort before. Let me guess, you're a... more
      • Let's don't bring Barra into this. - call me Spiegle, Wed Sep 27 10:40am
        He's paid his dues by now. Or, think of it this way: Most phone companies would go broke if it weren't for the WOPs.
        • barra is my friend - Nick, Wed Sep 27 2:16pm
          we used to go fishing together and drink Kool-Aid while we fish. He asks me to put the worm on his hook because he does not like to touch the worms. I used to be a fan of boyer but he would not allow ... more