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call me Spiegle
Let's don't bring Barra into this.
Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:40am

He's paid his dues by now. Or, think of it this way: Most phone companies would go broke if it weren't for the WOPs.

  • Or maybe not. - Lassiter, Tue Sep 26 10:23am
    Leaving that chump alone long enough to do anything is a recipe not only for insomnia, but global calamity. He requires babysitting, like a toddler. A mentally retarded toddler. Moreover, what makes... more
    • calling real men sexually insecure. If anyone here is breaking a sweat over the size of their own personal pork rind it would be a squirt like you. I've seen your sort before. Let me guess, you're a... more
    • Let's don't bring Barra into this. - call me Spiegle, Wed Sep 27 10:40am
      • barra is my friend - Nick, Wed Sep 27 2:16pm
        we used to go fishing together and drink Kool-Aid while we fish. He asks me to put the worm on his hook because he does not like to touch the worms. I used to be a fan of boyer but he would not allow ... more