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Re: Is anybody familiar with allen barra's earp book?
Tue Oct 3, 2017 10:29pm

Well there ya go. Rotsa ruck with that one pal. The book doesn't exist. Barra probably doesn't exist, or, if he does, only as a case of mistaken identity--or grave robbing. But along comes some sushi eater to obsess over his sexuality.

I don't care if you are Asian, George, the ringing endorsement of a damn sushi eater, much less one who drinks Asahi Super Dry while doing so, doesn't exactly hold a lot of rice water. No one is going to take the word--or anything else for that matter--of a man, a man no less, who eats damn sushi.

In fact, they're going to do just the opposite. They're going to assume not only that you never read the book, they're going to assume that Barra is not a great man, not a great writer, that he is not masculine at all, and that no woman--check that; there always is at least one out there, isn't there?-- would be attracted to him no matter how much yen he anted up.

And they'd be right.

  • Re: Is anybody familiar with allen barra's earp book? - George Washington Yamamoto, Tue Oct 3 9:32am
    I like reading allen barra book while I eat sushi and drink beer. He is a great man and great writer. He is very masculine and women are very attracted to him.
    • I heard he offered to give Icon a good time - Anonymous, Wed Oct 25 5:58pm
      Icon had the very same bed in which Wyatt Earp expelled his last breath. Icon showed that bed to me. He told me that he had many a conquest on that old bed. Was Barra one of them? I wouldn't know.... more
    • Re: Is anybody familiar with allen barra's earp book? - broncho, Tue Oct 3 10:29pm
      • Mr. Barra does exist. But I did not know he was a Jap. I have seen his book at that bookstore in Tombstone. Glen said Mr. Barra got some stuff right and other stuff wrong. He said that if Mr. Barra... more