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Barra's book on Earp
Mon Oct 9, 2017 4:42pm

It's sort of a masterpiece. Well researched and accessible to the serious scholar and the less than serious scamp, like the one I just turned into mincemeat in a post below. What I liked best about Barra's book is that he had the balls to take on Glen Boyer. Not only that, he hails from Alabama, and he's proud of the Confederacy. Barra aint like the new American breed of Taliban who worship at the altar of revisionist history and who seek to destroy the symbols of our great democracy. Barra is a lot lime Earl, a man who fights for what is right and not merely popular.

  • I heard that his book is well researched and written. allen barra is well regarded in the academic community and among old west historians. is his book still available for purchase anywhere?
    • Barra's book on Earp - Suds, Mon Oct 9 4:42pm
      • Re: Barra's book on Earp - Tony Clifton, Tue Oct 10 3:17am
        Well, you seem to know him better than I do, but that is what I've heard as well, that he's proud of the Confederacy and doesn't like history to be revised to correspond with new facts as they are... more
        • can't be expected to understand the simple meanings of words like duty or honor. I don't blame you. I don't judge you. And I don't accept you or your thin beliefs. But I do pity you. You and your... more
          • Re: A kid like you, used to living on his knees - Tony Clifton, Wed Oct 11 12:58am
            I don't mind if you blame or judge me. In fact, I'd be flattered, as long as your judgment is hostile. As for your pity, happy to have it. That way, I can put it out with the trash. By the way, while ... more
            • from someone who talks as much as you do. Sure, women scare guys like you, but that doesn't mean you have to like it. My advice is talk less, let your eyes do the talking. The different e between me... more
              • Re: That's the sort of gaiety I would expect - Tony Clifton, Fri Oct 27 6:05am
                Your response to having your butt kicked in Charlottesville is that I am too longwinded? Fair enough. The bruises still linger though, don't they?
                • Wasn't me. - Suds, Sun Oct 29 1:01pm
                  You must have cornholed someone else in the lockeroom. You're a poor man and poorer teller of false tales.
                  • Re: Wasn't me. - Tony Clifton, Mon Oct 30 4:04am
                    Once again, ad nauseam, you cannot seem to contribute a post that does not contain some sort of sexual reference. At this point, it's become less a certain race to the bottom, broken record pattern... more
    • No, nobody is familiar with that book. No one has ever heard of it, much less read it. It's a rumor, at best. Even Amazon and B&N have it wrong. They list it as available, but it isn't, because it... more
      • Re: Is anybody familiar with allen barra's earp book? - George Washington Yamamoto, Tue Oct 3 9:32am
        I like reading allen barra book while I eat sushi and drink beer. He is a great man and great writer. He is very masculine and women are very attracted to him.
        • I heard he offered to give Icon a good time - Anonymous, Wed Oct 25 5:58pm
          Icon had the very same bed in which Wyatt Earp expelled his last breath. Icon showed that bed to me. He told me that he had many a conquest on that old bed. Was Barra one of them? I wouldn't know.... more
        • Well there ya go. Rotsa ruck with that one pal. The book doesn't exist. Barra probably doesn't exist, or, if he does, only as a case of mistaken identity--or grave robbing. But along comes some sushi ... more
          • Mr. Barra does exist. But I did not know he was a Jap. I have seen his book at that bookstore in Tombstone. Glen said Mr. Barra got some stuff right and other stuff wrong. He said that if Mr. Barra... more