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Re: kimchi and testicular fortitude
Mon Oct 9, 2017 4:55pm

Anyone who reaches their nineties by way of the Kimchee diet deserves to meet their fate the hard way and I am talking exclusively about IBS. Look, Kimchee, which is sourkraut marinated in fish sauce and buried in the backyard until way past its eat by due date is a delicacy of the inscrutable Korean, which is to say, It's used routinely as a condiment to dirt-roasted puppy. There's some use in a jar of the foul kimchee, if It's used as a biological weapon of mass destruction. Just let me make this clear. My taste don't run to 90 year olds.

  • kimchi and testicular fortitude - call me Spiegle, Thu Sep 28 11:05pm
    Having personal knowledge that people who eat that stuff regularly live into their nineties, Trumpster needs not to delay.
    • Re: kimchi and testicular fortitude - Suds, Mon Oct 9 4:55pm