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Tony Clifton
Re: Barra's book on Earp
Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:17am

Well, you seem to know him better than I do, but that is what I've heard as well, that he's proud of the Confederacy and doesn't like history to be revised to correspond with new facts as they are discovered because they alter the truth--by which I mean demolish the lies--of the old chestnuts and canards that he so fervently believes in and continues to live so much of his life by.

That would be a tough one for anyone to swallow, I would think. To have to acknowledge that you wasted most of your life believing in stuff that turned out to be a bunch of bat guano, traitorous bat guano at that. The denial is totally understandable.

Gotta stick by your guns, no matter how rusted out and lacking in ammo. Gotta go down with the Confederate ship. That's the honorable way. Better that than admitting your entire existence was a loud mistake from the moment you drew your first breath out of the womb.

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              Your response to having your butt kicked in Charlottesville is that I am too longwinded? Fair enough. The bruises still linger though, don't they?
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                You must have cornholed someone else in the lockeroom. You're a poor man and poorer teller of false tales.
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