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Tony Clifton
Re: A kid like you, used to living on his knees
Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:58am

I don't mind if you blame or judge me. In fact, I'd be flattered, as long as your judgment is hostile. As for your pity, happy to have it. That way, I can put it out with the trash.

By the way, while I wish I was a kid, my guess is that I'm several decades older than are you. An old Lefty, you see, from a long line of Wobblies.

If I could make one observation though, and I mean it only as constructive criticism, you do seem extraordinarily preoccupied with and defensive about the whole gender thing. I mean, go back and check your vocabulary, it's a dead giveaway. "Testicular," "homo," "emasculation," a lot of blustery talk about hairy balls and organ size. You might want to think about why that is. (If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to channel the Orange ...wit. He's no better at it than you are, by the way.)

Seriously, I get that a certain kind of male feels threatened these days by what they see as the feminization and trans-gendering of the culture, and I get why that is, but what you reveal by using the vocabulary you choose to use and the tone in which you choose to use it, is nothing but fear.

You're scared, and so, as every human being is governed by the fight/flight response in the face of threat, you choose to fight by blustering and chest-thumping and mouthing a lot vague, hollow words about duty and honor and the Lost Cause, and wearing your ersatz masculinity nakedly on your sleeve. I get it, but that doesn't mean I think it serves you well. Real Men may not eat quiche, but they also don't go around whining and shrieking about how manly they are.

Question: didn't I see you in Charlottesville? I believe I may have. I was the one who was kicking your....

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    • Re: A kid like you, used to living on his knees - Tony Clifton, Wed Oct 11 12:58am
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        • Re: That's the sort of gaiety I would expect - Tony Clifton, Fri Oct 27 6:05am
          Your response to having your butt kicked in Charlottesville is that I am too longwinded? Fair enough. The bruises still linger though, don't they?
          • Wasn't me. - Suds, Sun Oct 29 1:01pm
            You must have cornholed someone else in the lockeroom. You're a poor man and poorer teller of false tales.
            • Re: Wasn't me. - Tony Clifton, Mon Oct 30 4:04am
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