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The Curse of the Earp
Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:53pm

I got me a collection of Glenn Hoyer books. He was a first rate historian of Earpiana, a field he himself rescued from wannabes, the bogus, and the frauds. Glenn was no fruit of the twisted fly, or mama clinging, skirt hugging, cross-dressing, user of the wrong washroom. He stood his own American ground. And because of his spinal integrity in his approach to tearing the myth from history and laying naked the facts, he was attacked by those who thought to lay claim to his labor. And that, Kid, is what he wrote in his book The Earp Curse, how his honesty was attacked, and how he was set upon by a new weak breed of historians, men, boys really, who insecure in their masculinity felt compelled to tear down the iconic work of a real man.