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I heard he offered to give Icon a good time
Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:58pm

Icon had the very same bed in which Wyatt Earp expelled his last breath. Icon showed that bed to me. He told me that he had many a conquest on that old bed. Was Barra one of them? I wouldn't know. But I remember how Icon smiled as he recalled the pleasurable plowing he had performed on that bed of friends and foes alike.

  • Re: Is anybody familiar with allen barra's earp book? - George Washington Yamamoto, Tue Oct 3 9:32am
    I like reading allen barra book while I eat sushi and drink beer. He is a great man and great writer. He is very masculine and women are very attracted to him.
    • I heard he offered to give Icon a good time - Anonymous, Wed Oct 25 5:58pm
    • Well there ya go. Rotsa ruck with that one pal. The book doesn't exist. Barra probably doesn't exist, or, if he does, only as a case of mistaken identity--or grave robbing. But along comes some sushi ... more
      • Mr. Barra does exist. But I did not know he was a Jap. I have seen his book at that bookstore in Tombstone. Glen said Mr. Barra got some stuff right and other stuff wrong. He said that if Mr. Barra... more