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I want to discuss lesbian old west history
Thu Nov 2, 2017 5:53am

lesbians made significant contributions in forging progress during westward migration and building of the transcontinental railroad. In the years after the civil war there were many more women then men. Many women were unable to find a husband so lesbians were necessary to provide companionship and complete the family structure. If children were to be part of the family structure the woman part of the cohabitation couple would lurk around the saloons late at night and take advantage of intoxicated cowboys whom were vulnerable and sexually exploited on the way home. After the woman was impregnated with the cowboy sperm she would stop having intercourse with men and allow her lesbian mate to nurse her along during the pregnancy which was referred to in the old west as WC: With Child. Occasionally this modus operandi was complicated if the chosen cowboy was actually not attracted to women. Using modern terminology this species of cowboys are referred to as Brokeback cowboys. Boyer was among the first researchers to identify the homosexual cowboy phenomena and how some were assigned as a catcher and others as the pitcher.