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Tony Clifton
Re: Suds is obviously a case and a half over the limit
Fri Nov 3, 2017 8:53am

Tidier than yours, or his, apparently. And whose fault is that?

Do you actually believe that your pointing out that I am pointing out the obvious is not likewise pointing out the obvious? I get that some posts speak for themselves, just as I do that some that speak for themselves merit bear being pointed out, however obviously.


  • Sexual insecurity and low self-esteem are the least of his problems. Getting from his trailer to the liquor store is his largest stumbling block. But here you are pointing out the obvious. Very tidy... more
    • Re: Suds is obviously a case and a half over the limit - Tony Clifton, Fri Nov 3 8:53am
      • you should have. Congratulations for being such a forward thinker at such a backwater site.
        • Oh, I wouldn't go that far. - Tony Clifton, Thu Nov 9 4:49am
          I'm not that forward a thinker, and this site isn't that backwatery. Silly, oft-times, yes. Looney at the others, OK. But I personally prefer it to BJs which for all its apparent seriousness is... more
          • Was he still kicking. Some of those boys are spinning them as fast as Icon. These days BJ's is just a place to deposit trivia and who actually cares about Why the Heck did you bothering posting that... more