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Illinois Kid
Anybody familiar with the Clum Manuscript?
Tue Nov 7, 2017 5:34am

What is the controversy surrounding this documentation? It was my understanding this manuscript was a big part of Boyer's book about Josie Earp? Why did so many writers and researchers attack this excellent book. Barra had an angry meltdown and Tefertiller attacked the credibility of this manuscript.

    • There is no Clum manuscript - The Frisco Kid, Wed Nov 15 7:22pm
      Boyer said for years that I Married Wyatt Earp was a combination of the memoirs of Sadie Earp and the Clum manuscript. But no evidence of the Clum manuscript has ever been found.
      • Evidence ain't everything! - Anonymous, Sun Nov 19 3:42am
        You don't need proof for everything. We take a lot of things on trust. I once let Glen twenty-four dollars and I knew he would pay me back. That's an example of trust. I wouldn't even lend you five,... more
        • But it sure beats lack of evidence - The Frisco Kid, Sun Nov 26 1:14pm
          You trust Glenn Boyer and I'll rust the University of Arizona. There goes that five bucks I was gonna hit you up for.
    • I think Josie wrote it. - Anonymous, Sat Nov 11 8:19am
      She knew a lot about Clum. It was sort of a as told to book.