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Wild Child
You obviously have given this more thought than
Wed Nov 8, 2017 8:03am

you should have. Congratulations for being such a forward thinker at such a backwater site.

  • Tidier than yours, or his, apparently. And whose fault is that? Do you actually believe that your pointing out that I am pointing out the obvious is not likewise pointing out the obvious? I get that... more
    • You obviously have given this more thought than - Wild Child, Wed Nov 8 8:03am
      • Oh, I wouldn't go that far. - Tony Clifton, Thu Nov 9 4:49am
        I'm not that forward a thinker, and this site isn't that backwatery. Silly, oft-times, yes. Looney at the others, OK. But I personally prefer it to BJs which for all its apparent seriousness is... more
        • Was he still kicking. Some of those boys are spinning them as fast as Icon. These days BJ's is just a place to deposit trivia and who actually cares about Why the Heck did you bothering posting that... more