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I do believe Glenn would like BJ's now and again
Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:49am

Was he still kicking. Some of those boys are spinning them as fast as Icon. These days BJ's is just a place to deposit trivia and who actually cares about Why the Heck did you bothering posting that sort of fact? I also can't believe the amount of books coming out over every Tom, Dick, and Jane who happened to rent a room in Tombstone.

Icon might have filled in some holes with his WW2 era entrenching tool, but he was not a complete idiot. He sold an old peacemaker with a filed down serial number for a whole lot of money after he died, which is some sort of accomplishment. And he wrote more books than any of the other be would be hacks over there.

Now I don't know what actually happened between Icon and Barracks, but it was Barra who was sweating it out at that old showdown at the hall. Little beady eyes scurrying about the room searching for the nearest holes.

See what happens is this, all books have a number of lives. New, used, and old. Some don't even make it to old. Some get cut down in their youth. DUI's, overdoses, and the like. Some books are born still. Some get aborted. Some are born defective. And some guys just talk about having had a good time once on the lone prarie...

  • Oh, I wouldn't go that far. - Tony Clifton, Thu Nov 9 4:49am
    I'm not that forward a thinker, and this site isn't that backwatery. Silly, oft-times, yes. Looney at the others, OK. But I personally prefer it to BJs which for all its apparent seriousness is... more
    • I do believe Glenn would like BJ's now and again - Anonymous, Sat Nov 11 5:49am