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I am attracted to women with balls (nm)
Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:57am

  • Re: I want to discuss lesbian old west history - Wild Child, Wed Nov 8 8:07am
    Sounds just like real life. Someone had to win the west.
    • I am attracted to women with balls (nm) - Greg, Sat Nov 11 8:57am
      • Greg, that is a pretty unhealthy attitude. And you're likely in the wrong state. Maybe you should move to California. In the meantime, I recommend professional help. And by that, I mean come on down... more
        • Re: I am attracted to women with balls - Collage Professor, Wed Dec 27 9:13am
          Years ago Greg was in my Anatomy and Physiology-101 class in junior college. He had a very difficult time understanding the material and was failing the exams. I arranged for him to have a tutor but... more
          • You tutored the boy? - Suds, Wed Jan 24 4:04am
            In good old fashioned cornholing probably. I suppose if you live in Californua than it don't matter much what side of the trail you're camping on. But you play that hand at my table and all you'll... more
      • A lot of cowboys are. - Wild Child, Mon Nov 20 1:49pm
        You can tell about a cowboy's sexual politics by the toe of his boots. My dad says the difference between a cowboy and a gay man is three drinks.
      • watt tHE HELL? rEAL WOMEN HAVE VAGINAS (nm) - Curley Bill !!!, Sun Nov 12 9:04am