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That's good enough for me.
Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:59am

When was the last time anyone anywhere ever saw Barrra or Tefertiller buying a round for the house? Big Glen would walk tall into the Painted Pony like he owned the place and say buy everyone a drink on me and mean it. Sometimes there would be two or three of us, sometimes maybe four, and he would say put it on my tab. If there was a full house he might not even come in at all. That's the sort of hombre Icon was. He was Happy Hour around the clock. He worked overtime at being someone you could look up to and maybe admire. I say if those wannabes want to say different then they ought to line up outside the Paint3d Pony and I will personally be pleased to teach one and all about the power of faith when delivered without the quality of mercy.