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My people and I thank you, pendjo
Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:18pm

11 million of us appreciate your liberal attitude towards us forgotten folks who work the jobs you won't do yourselves. We are grateful.No wall, no borders!

  • Yeah, and what a man. - Rick O' Shay, Wed Jan 24 4:29pm
    He's fat, ugly, bullying whiner who swindled hundreds of people out of their savings with his "university". money laundered Russian drug money, supported a pervert in a senate race, and wants to bang ... more
    • My people and I thank you, pendjo - Santana, Mon Feb 19 6:18pm
    • Trump is the President - Suds, Mon Feb 19 3:23pm
      And he's the type of guy you wish you could be. But you're haven't got what it takes. Sure, you and every other liberal can play the race card, but when it come to crossing the line in the dirt you... more