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A few words on public education in Florida
Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:14am

You don't have to convince a seasoned veteran like me that a whole lot of tax monies is wasted on public education. We send our kids to school and what do they learn? They learn to hate America and Freedom and everything that is good and decent and clean. They learn to hate heroes like John Wayne or Audie Murphy. They teach kids that It's all right to have their predetermined sexual orientation surgically altered and that they should, by law, only marry people of their own sex. That kid armed with an AR-15 was possibly driven to madness and extreme violence by that kind of education. You don't see mass shootings in private schools or in home schools. Should teachers own guns and use them bravely in defense of their students? All them teachers are extreme liberals, their minds and hearts corrupted by cowardice and allegiance to the rainbow agenda. Fact is, we all should be prepared, especially students, to resist the insidious and rapid approach of liberals in wolves clothing.