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Don't confuse art with entertainment
Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:36pm

This forum has been kept alive by a handful of dedicated men and women to illuminating the nature of the past through its only medium of existence: memory. We don't need no stinking history. Who really wants to spend years combing through the Inquest transcripts like it was the White Album? There was a gunfight and before it was over it was nothing more than a collection of memories. Chances are if you knew any of these guys the first thing you would notice was how they smelled. Bad. Doc in particular, his lungs rotting, the stink of decaying lung tissue fouling the air around him. Memory beats history. Cleans it up. Serves it neat. Removes the smell.

  • But by my count - Someone is Gobbly Gook, Sun Mar 11 3:23pm
    there's only 3 maybe 4 trolls here. Actually two. Nick has always been Nick and, sure, Nick has always been a problem, but he's always been Nick. We talked briefly once in big deal. I... more
    • Don't confuse art with entertainment - Suds, Sun Mar 11 3:36pm