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Re: Who pays for the wall laughs last...
Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:21am

And you would propose to have them do so how again? Ask them politely to please ante up? Threaten to inter them or round them up and send them back unless they do?

The devil being in the details, how exactly would your suggestion work in practice in the real world? Or, as I suspect, are you just mouthing off because you ain't all that enamored of the inevitable "browning" of America?

What the Mexican economy and what it is "based" on has to do with the building of a wall, I fail to understand. Everyone knows that that country has been a corrupt, violence-prone nation-state since its inception. So what?

I'm all for establishing better control over our borders which right now are all too porous, but get real. A wall? Not only impractical, not only costly, not only bound to be ineffective, but dumb.