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Re: Lest we forget...
Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:18pm

Speaking for myself, I don't mind being forced to do anything. Depends on what I am being forced to do, and what the payoff is.

I do buy foreign cars, although what that has to do with the price of peas in Peru, I am certain I do not know.

You really buy into the myth that we are "free" in this country? Compared to where? North Korea? Syria? Iran? I could name an easy dozen countries off the top of my head where its citizens are freer--and happier--than we are here. But that's all right. You keep on believing. True Believers are just what the government ordered.

As for Johnny U.S. Vet, god bless, but that was his choice. And if he really fought to defend my right to rent an import, then that was one stupid choice on his part.

  • Re: Lest we forget... - Gary Lester, Thu Mar 15 5:27am
    A wise man once said that those who can't remember the past are the same people who are forced to remember it later. Speaking for myself I don't like being forced to do anything. And I don't rent... more
    • Re: Lest we forget... - Lancer, Thu Mar 15 1:18pm
      • Re: Lest we forget... - Gary Lester, Tue Apr 3 3:55am
        You saying people are happier in North Korea? You think people are happy in Vietnam? Or red China? Or them people living in filth and dirt and in their own human waste in Brazil? If Pepita and Selena ... more
        • If Johnny and Suzy were so happy in America -- - Joey Garza, Sat May 12 6:22pm
          why did they come to Mexico? Because that's what Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California and a lot of other real estate was before it was taken away.
          • Johnny and Suzy - Bullwhip Bill Bascomb, Fri Jul 6 6:46pm
            Why did they go to Mexico? Not for the water. Drugs, I guess. Screw them. But Let's get to the point. I feel for you, Joey Garza. Once the Southwest belonged to somebody else other than the folks you ... more
            • Re: Johnny and Suzy - Lancer, Sat Jul 7 1:06am
              Lot of wisdom there, Bullwhip, but the question is why. Why would Mexico do "nothing," as you correctly point out it has done nothing "all along." And the answer is that what lies behind the... more
              • Go ahead blame Jesus - Suds, Sat Jul 28 6:38am
                Don't hold Mexico resonsible for its corruption and its inability to keep Jose and Lupe home where they should be. I ain't too happy about the fat whore in Rome myself, but he ain't the coyote you... more
                • Re: Go ahead blame Jesus - Lancer, Sat Jul 28 12:28pm
                  Don't know why I bother. I'm talking 16th, 17th, 18th century Mexican cultural history--about which you clearly know nada--as the underlying cause of what you have today, PRIOR to dope, prior to... more
                  • What the hell is the difference - Suds, Mon Jul 30 9:49am
                    between the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries so far Mexico goes? They don't even know what century they're in now. Not even beloved Jesus can help Mexico now. You can take your basic broken down,... more
                    • Re: What the hell is the difference - Lancer, Tue Jul 31 12:33am
                      Answer the question I posed to you which you conveniently avoided addressing. You can mindlessly declare all day long that religion is not to blame for their "plight"--which, in fact, if you knew... more
        • Re: Lest we forget... - Lancer, Tue Apr 3 8:22am
          No, I'm not saying that. You, in your drunken stupor are saying that. Hopeless, utterly hopeless. You're even drunker than the other guy. Go back and read what I posted and I try to understand what... more
          • There you go again! - Gary Lester, Tue Apr 10 2:31am
            Spouting the old new left dogma. Problem is for you I hate America rabble is that there is no left anymore. Sure, you can hire yourself an illegal when you need a nanny to teach your frightened... more
            • Re: There you go again! - Lancer, Tue Apr 10 6:17am
              Problem is, you're NOT free--anyone who is really free wouldn't run on so defensively ad nauseum about being free the way you do, which is to say meaninglessly--but are too damn dim-witted to realize ... more
              • NO, There you go again, running off - Gary Lester, Fri Apr 27 11:28am
                at the mouth like some old woman. Only a slave would embrace his chains. You don't even admit you hate the president. Go ahead, wave your freak flag all you want but don't you burn Old Gory in this... more
                • Re: NO, There you go again, running off - Lancer, Sat Apr 28 12:03am
                  Irony and nuance is not your forte, is it? And what exactly is it that you have against women of a certain age? Someone has Mommy issues maybe? That said, I agree that only a slave would embrace his... more