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Re: mexicanos are exploited by gringos
Thu Mar 15, 2018 1:53pm

Truer words, my day-laboring amigo. Truer words. It's called the exploitation of cheap labor. Mucho trabajo, poco dinero. Why else do you think the Koch Brothers are for amnesty and open borders? Because they care about the downtrodden or find the Mexican people charming?

But you will have to do better than to accuse them of mere hypocrisy (something, to be fair, that they have no monopoly on). At the moment, hypocrisy is the coin of our realm, not even a necessary evil anymore, but something to be proud of, to boast about, that which is required to keep the creaking old capitalist system wheezing along and the coffers of the corporatists bulging with their ill-gotten gains.

In short, don't worry, live north of the border long enough, and you'll get the hang of it eventually. Meanwhile, buenos suerte.

  • mexicanos are exploited by gringos - Day laborer, Thu Mar 15 11:17am
    gringos complain about mexican legal status but pay us peanuts for long hard work. gringos are hypocrites. No bueno
    • Re: mexicanos are exploited by gringos - Gary Lester, Fri Apr 27 11:34am
      That's the order of things. See, if old Mexico took care of their people then they wouldn't enter this country illegally and find themselves in the position you are in. You got yourself a whole host... more
    • Re: mexicanos are exploited by gringos - Lancer, Thu Mar 15 1:53pm