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Gary Lester
There you go again!
Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:31am

Spouting the old new left dogma. Problem is for you I hate America rabble is that there is no left anymore. Sure, you can hire yourself an illegal when you need a nanny to teach your frightened children to speak Spanish and then feel good about it because you hate the president, but it always gets down to the nitty gritty: all you really want is to bone the nanny while your wife is busy bringing home the porkcbops. Go ahead and buy your little hybrid and whine about global warming, but while you whine and sip your pino noir know this, the real difference between a free man and someone like you, a slave to liberal do good ideology, is that the free man admits be doesn't give a damn about it, while the aforementioned slave won't admit it. Fact is, dummy, you need the freedom lover to feel good about your own captivity. I don't rattle your cage. You rattle it yourself from the inside.

  • Re: Lest we forget... - Lancer, Tue Apr 3 8:22am
    No, I'm not saying that. You, in your drunken stupor are saying that. Hopeless, utterly hopeless. You're even drunker than the other guy. Go back and read what I posted and I try to understand what... more
    • There you go again! - Gary Lester, Tue Apr 10 2:31am
      • Re: There you go again! - Lancer, Tue Apr 10 6:17am
        Problem is, you're NOT free--anyone who is really free wouldn't run on so defensively ad nauseum about being free the way you do, which is to say meaninglessly--but are too damn dim-witted to realize ... more
        • NO, There you go again, running off - Gary Lester, Fri Apr 27 11:28am
          at the mouth like some old woman. Only a slave would embrace his chains. You don't even admit you hate the president. Go ahead, wave your freak flag all you want but don't you burn Old Gory in this... more
          • Re: NO, There you go again, running off - Lancer, Sat Apr 28 12:03am
            Irony and nuance is not your forte, is it? And what exactly is it that you have against women of a certain age? Someone has Mommy issues maybe? That said, I agree that only a slave would embrace his... more