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Re: Add a special tax to money transfers back to Big Mex
Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:57am

Too dumb for words. You really need to post only when sober, assuming you ever are sober.

In the first place, you can't "make him" keep "the job." Like an indentured servant of something? That's against the law. In the second, you'd wind up spending more time and money "catching"--nice choice of words by the way; same word they used when hunting down runaway slaves back in the day--than you would in fines collected.

Needless to say, your "simple but logical" idea, which in fact is neither simple nor logical, is obnoxious on all sorts of other legal and moral levels--it smacks of fascism, frankly.

But Dude, you really need to understand how much your idiotic wall is going to cost. No way in hell that any bounties or tariffs or fines or ransom is ever going to come close to that $70 billion and $150 million a year in maintenance. Wouldn't even make a dent.

Look, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I think for your own mental health you need to understand that the toothpaste is out of the tube and the horse is out of the barn and there is no putting them back again. Your day, the day of the White Guy, Racist White Guy, is over and done.

My advice? (And it's free.) Get a grip. Live with it. And for the sake of your own health, quit obsessing over an issue that isn't all that important in the grand scheme of things.

You're welcome.

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          • If Texas was still part of Mexico - Suds, Sat Jul 28 6:40am
            If Mexico was still part of Texas then Jose and Lupe would be headed for Oklahoma.
            • Re: If Texas was still part of Mexico - Lancer, Sat Jul 28 12:32pm
              Mexico was never part of Texas. Texas was part of Mexico. Good Lord! You can't even get your third-grade geography right!
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                    Can't you guys see that you're crazy about each other? Come on, why don't you just exchange handjobs and let this site die in peace?
                  • I bet you know all about the 12 step. - Suds, Tue Jul 31 10:05am
                    Ive seen "dry drunks" before. You're just one more side 9f wasted flesh looking for crawling space at the starting line. But I'm through with helping those who can't help themselves. You will have to ... more
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          • mexicanos are exploited by gringos - Day laborer, Thu Mar 15 11:17am
            gringos complain about mexican legal status but pay us peanuts for long hard work. gringos are hypocrites. No bueno
            • Re: mexicanos are exploited by gringos - Gary Lester, Fri Apr 27 11:34am
              That's the order of things. See, if old Mexico took care of their people then they wouldn't enter this country illegally and find themselves in the position you are in. You got yourself a whole host... more
            • How you fellows treated in your own country? - Gary Lester, Tue Apr 3 5:31am
              Plain and simple, Mexico cannot take care of its people. Are the visiting laborers here exploited more than in Mexico? Are there greater rights in the workplace? How is Mexico superior in its... more
            • Re: mexicanos are exploited by gringos - Lancer, Thu Mar 15 1:53pm
              Truer words, my day-laboring amigo. Truer words. It's called the exploitation of cheap labor. Mucho trabajo, poco dinero. Why else do you think the Koch Brothers are for amnesty and open borders?... more