The Arizona Territory Forum
Re: The Mexican economy is based on drugs that Americans buy
Thu May 10, 2018 11:50pm

Truer words. Would that economy be based on that product if there was not a market for it? As you rightly say, chiefly an AMERICAN market?

To place the blame for the drug epidemic here solely on those entities that supply the drugs, whether it be Mexico or this or that cartel (or Big Pharma), as has been the official policy of this country for decades, is to get the reality of the situation precisely backasswards.

Which is largely why that situation not only persists, but has grown only worse over time and will continue to worsen unless and until the powers that be wake up and address the issues that underlie it. The Band Aid, finger-in-the-dyke, whack-a-mole approach of the so-called War on Drugs has been nothing but a grand failure, a waste of time and treasure, from the moment of its inception.

The mere availability of drugs is far less important than the appetite for them. Were there no appetite, the availability would be neither here nor there. You want to solve the drug problem, ask yourself why that appetite exists in the first place and then reckon ways to, if not kill, at least curb it, because the availability will always exist.

Of course to do that is a vast and hugely complex issue and one that will never be 100% successful. Regrettably there always have and always will exist those who abuse and become addicted to drugs, but that is no reason not to attack the problem at its root rather than spending billions of dollars in the futile attempt to stem the flow of drugs by killing an Escobar or arresting an El Chapo or placing this or that narco state on some watch list or torching this or that coca field or interdicting in an entirely hit-or-miss--mostly miss--fashion this or that drug shipment.

On the other hand, the problem may so deeply rooted that at this point it is an intractable one. In which case, roll one, light up, sit back and inhale.