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Re: Johnny and Suzy
Sat Jul 7, 2018 1:06am

Lot of wisdom there, Bullwhip, but the question is why. Why would Mexico do "nothing," as you correctly point out it has done nothing "all along."

And the answer is that what lies behind the motivation of much of those Spaniards' bloody behavior--not that Spain was alone in this, but it was especially brutal--was the Church.

Catholicism--hell, the Christian religion in general--had so infected (with a bunch of superstitious nonsense) the minds of the Spanish that anything they did, no matter how wrong their "shit," could be self-righteously justified in the name of their so-called God.

And then, once they had wiped out the Aztecs, they planted their damn crosses throughout Mexico and infected the minds of its gullible native inhabitants in turn. Always remember that Mexico was essentially run by the repressive, rapacious, power-mad Church for centuries, a Church whose only interest in "the people" was to indoctrinate re: intimidate them in order to milk them for every peso they could spare.

If you are looking, historically, for the source of why Mexico is so effed up today, you could do worse than to lay much of the blame at the door of the highly-politicized Catholic Church.

It's an old story. The culture of an indigenous people being either wiped out or irreversibly damaged and degraded by a technologically superior outside entity for its own self-interested purposes, purposes both economic and religious, which in the case of Mexico in particular is a difference without a distinction.

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          Don't know why I bother. I'm talking 16th, 17th, 18th century Mexican cultural history--about which you clearly know nada--as the underlying cause of what you have today, PRIOR to dope, prior to... more
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              Answer the question I posed to you which you conveniently avoided addressing. You can mindlessly declare all day long that religion is not to blame for their "plight"--which, in fact, if you knew... more
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