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Go ahead blame Jesus
Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:38am

Don't hold Mexico resonsible for its corruption and its inability to keep Jose and Lupe home where they should be. I ain't too happy about the fat whore in Rome myself, but he ain't the coyote you paint him out to be with your two bit education and your twisted revisionist reinterpretation of fake news. The fact is Mexico didn't need Jesus to profit on dope and prostitution and illegal immigration and bribe taking cops. We don't a wall we need a free fire zone down there on the border.

  • Re: Johnny and Suzy - Lancer, Sat Jul 7 1:06am
    Lot of wisdom there, Bullwhip, but the question is why. Why would Mexico do "nothing," as you correctly point out it has done nothing "all along." And the answer is that what lies behind the... more
    • Go ahead blame Jesus - Suds, Sat Jul 28 6:38am
      • Re: Go ahead blame Jesus - Lancer, Sat Jul 28 12:28pm
        Don't know why I bother. I'm talking 16th, 17th, 18th century Mexican cultural history--about which you clearly know nada--as the underlying cause of what you have today, PRIOR to dope, prior to... more
        • What the hell is the difference - Suds, Mon Jul 30 9:49am
          between the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries so far Mexico goes? They don't even know what century they're in now. Not even beloved Jesus can help Mexico now. You can take your basic broken down,... more
          • Re: What the hell is the difference - Lancer, Tue Jul 31 12:33am
            Answer the question I posed to you which you conveniently avoided addressing. You can mindlessly declare all day long that religion is not to blame for their "plight"--which, in fact, if you knew... more
            • Answer your question? - Suds, Tue Jul 31 9:58am
              I didn't know you even had a question! Your just like some old woman talking to the point where there's no words just guttural sounds all sounding the same: a handful of gimme and a mouthful of I... more
              • Re: Answer your question? - Lancer, Wed Aug 1 1:27am
                Ah, the old racial inferiority/superiority gambit, is it? Like pulling teeth, but knew we'd get there eventually. You'd make a good Nazi, but then you know that already. One of the less intelligent... more