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See, That's the whole problem right there
Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:46pm

Obsessive compulsive anal retentive saddle shoed sons of bitches zeroing in on inconsequential points. The only map reading you need to know is how to reach the nearest door before you start the rest of your life a permanent limp. If you were down here right now I'd introduce you my two friends, Hey! and Ho! and a six pack of a big Big Mickeys shoved up your wazoo.

  • Re: If Texas was still part of Mexico - Lancer, Sat Jul 28 12:32pm
    Mexico was never part of Texas. Texas was part of Mexico. Good Lord! You can't even get your third-grade geography right!
    • See, That's the whole problem right there - Suds, Mon Jul 30 12:46pm
      • No, that's not the whole problem. The whole problem, speaking of wazoos, is people who feel compelled to talk, not unlike our fake president, out of theirs, rather than from a pool of knowledge based ... more
        • Hey! - Anonymous, Tue Jul 31 10:09am
          Can't you guys see that you're crazy about each other? Come on, why don't you just exchange handjobs and let this site die in peace?
        • I bet you know all about the 12 step. - Suds, Tue Jul 31 10:05am
          Ive seen "dry drunks" before. You're just one more side 9f wasted flesh looking for crawling space at the starting line. But I'm through with helping those who can't help themselves. You will have to ... more
      • My uncle is drunk again. (nm) - Anonymous, Mon Jul 30 1:03pm