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Clark Dill
Monitoring the Library
Fri Jul 29, 2016 20:28

Clark was better than he'd ever been about not crashing the second the clock struck 9pm (a quirk of his alien biology that puberty seemed to be negating, thankfully) but the last hour of his library shift was always difficult and the one on Saturday night seemed worse than all of the others. The last five minutes before the library closed just before curfew took effect were the longest of each week and all he wanted to do was go up to his room, close the drapes around his bed, ward out Oliver, and drift into blissful unconsciousness.

Instead, he was checking out a last minute student with a stack of what he assumed was research material. He stamped out the due date (wizarding libraries had sadly not upgraded to computer tracking systems), and said, his brain and tongue having their own network outtage, "Weeks two due from today. Night have good." His ears told him there had been something very wrong with his statements and he shook his head trying to clear out the cobwebs. "Merlin, I need sleep. Due in two weeks. Good night."

  • Fast and Furious (nm)Professor Taransay, Fri Jul 29 17:00
    • Thinking of summer.Emilia-Louise Scott, Sun Jul 31 15:56
      Emmy-Lou had been best friends with Louis for a while now and she thought it about time that she invite him to stay with her at some point in the holidays. "What are you up to this summer?" Emmy... more
      • HYPELouis Valois, Sun Jul 31 16:07
        Louis was just reading a rather interesting book on muggle space exploration (inspired by the recent science club stargazing) when Emmy spoke, and all thoughts of astronauts and magical non-magical... more
        • Woohoo!Emmy-Lou, Sun Jul 31 16:19
          Emmy was pleased with Louis's enthusiasm and it showed in her face. "Of course," she beamed, "they'd love to meet you!" "Perhaps you should come and stay at the ranch," Emmy added on further... more
          • Ranch = riding?Louis, Sun Jul 31 16:43
            Lots of people to meet definitely sounded good to Louis. Based on what Emmy herself was like, he imagined that her home was full of fun and lively people - very different to the detached and busy... more
            • Of course! Lots and lots!Emmy-Lou, Sun Jul 31 16:51
              Emmy laughed when Louis started talking about riding. "Of course!" she assured him. "Honestly, you could never stay with the Fintocs and not get on a horse." That was their preferred method of travel ... more
    • On a bench in the gardensNevaeh Reed, Sun Jul 31 00:53
      Nevaeh didn’t have much in the way of vision, but she had as much for other senses as everybody else. And currently, she was sensing that somebody was looking at her. “I know what this is,” she... more
      • I didn't know we could have dogs here! :OCassius Riker, Sun Jul 31 01:12
        Cass had been intently studying a brilliant red flower, one that must have been non-native as he had practically zero idea what species it was, when he heard what was very distinctly dog-noises. He... more
        • We can't :PNevaeh, Sun Jul 31 01:21
          “Scout!” she beamed happily. “He’s my service dog.” Nevaeh reached down and scratched his head. “He’s also very fluffy. I love him,” she laughed. “Yours is Cassius, right?” They were in the same year ... more
          • How'd you smuggle him in then?Cass, Sun Jul 31 01:32
            “Yeah, Cass is good enough though.” He booped Scout (such a cute name!) on the nose before looking up to properly say hello to his owner. He recognized her after a second as Nevaeh, another second... more
    • Bored. Need walkies. Ingrid Wolsiethcrafte, Sat Jul 30 23:29
      Hour after hour of class. Hour after hour of homework... Ingrid hated being cramped up inside for so long. She was an energetic person and, whilst she didn't have any problems focussing for long... more
      • Sounds fun.Joella Curtis , Sun Jul 31 01:33
        Joella had a lot of work to be doing but before she could think about facing the dull Saturday ahead of her, she needed to go for a morning run. She had to force herself out of bed and get dressed in ... more
        • But I wasn't just running Ingrid, Sun Jul 31 07:42
          Ingrid didn't manage to quite keep the look of incredulity off her face as Joella said she'd just had a run but would be glad of a walk too. Sure, Ingrid was an energetic person, but that was... more
          • Perhaps you should join me next time.Joella, Sun Jul 31 11:07
            Joella chuckled, first at the look on Ingrid's face but also at the suggestion that her running made her 'dedicated' when it was actually just one of many ways to put off studying for as long as... more
    • Tear freeGeorgia, Sat Jul 30 23:19
      Georgia ducked into the bathroom to check her eyes before heading to class. She'd got a letter that morning from her mom. It was the first time she'd seen a letter signed from just her mom instead of ... more
      • Sounds like a shampoo advert!Tess Whittaker, Sun Jul 31 11:10
        Tess had made a quick detour to the loo on the way to her next class, but hadn't expected to be ambushed by a classmate upon leaving the cubicle. "Hey Georgia," she said as she went to wash her... more
    • Sébastien in the library with the rather evil essaySébastien Évreux, Sat Jul 30 17:03
      Sébastien was torn between the desire to hit something, break something or eat something as he struggled with the transfiguration essay the beginners class had been set. His work had to be perfect,... more
      • Arianna in the library, pushing boundariesArianna Valenti, Sat Jul 30 21:51
        Arianna exited the Aladren common room, her tote bag fully supplied to complete her Transfiguration homework. She generally didn't like to study in the library - it was too quiet - and had been... more
        • Sébastien in the library, panickingSébastien , Sun Jul 31 02:43
          Realising that it was Arianna Vakenti sitting next to him caused his smile to briefly be replaced by a look of confusion and panic, before he got hold of himself once more. It was Arianna Valenti! A... more
          • Well that makes no senseArianna, Sun Jul 31 11:16
            Arianna's dark eyes narrowed - something was up. Sebastien, who had previously been so poised and pleasant, did not seem very composed today. The Aladren refused to believe that her initial... more
            • I always make sense!Sébastien , Sun Jul 31 13:16
              Well, at least she hadn't accepted his offer of help. That would have been awkward and embarrassing, showing him up a little. However, working together wasn't exactly the best case scenario either.... more
              • Uh-huhArianna, Sun Jul 31 14:03
                Perhaps she had misremembered Sebastian being kind. Stranger things had happened. Like finding out she was a witch and being whisked away to Arizona, for instance.  "I believe in efficiency," she... more
    • Care to join? (tag: Jack Spencer)Alistair Johnson, Sat Jul 30 16:41
      Alistair could not make his team train as often as he did himself or whenever he did. Irrelevant of whether or not they would be willing to, it was unlikely that their schedules could allow for such... more
      • Always.Jack Spencer, Sat Jul 30 17:30
        Jack was walking towards the MARS water room with a book under his arm when he passed Alistair. He acknowledged him with a nod and was about to pass on. However, Alistair's invitation intrigued him.... more
        • Brilliant.Alistair Johnson , Sun Jul 31 01:54
          Alistair was glad that Jack agreed to his offer. He continued on to the pitch and did his warm up whilst he waited for Aladren to get his things and join him. "We could do a bit of passing first, and ... more
    • Prefect duties (tag: Aiden)Joella Curtis, Sat Jul 30 16:21
      Joella was back at school and had chosen to keep herself even busier than ever to keep her mind off things so she could stay focused on preparing for her CATS (which she wasn't really doing despite... more
      • Something that is surprisingly dullAiden O'Neil, Sat Jul 30 16:43
        Aiden stood waiting at the meet point for Joella Curtis to join him. Aiden knew her from classes and such but had never really spoken to her until they became Prefects and had to monitor the... more
        • We can get through this together.Joella, Sat Jul 30 17:13
          Aiden was great! He had a sense of humour and that was the most important quality a person could have, in Joella's perfectly valid opinion. Although that didn't mean she failed to appreciate his good ... more
          • Will we be the new Wonder Twins?Aiden , Sat Jul 30 19:17
            The one thing that Aiden could say about Joella was that she wasn't nearly as stuffy as some Pureblood girls that he had met in his. He half wondered if that was a Pecari trait to have for Purebloods ... more
            • Joella smiled ruefully at what Aiden was saying. "That's fifth year for you I guess," she commented, believing that she could totally relate more than she probably did. "Oh yes, the ball," if he read ... more
    • LibraryKira Spaulding, Sat Jul 30 14:54
      She sat alone in the corner of the library, trying to read the book she'd found but more unable to concentrate. Kira wished the whole year would just be over already. Stupid ball. All it was doing... more
      • Oh hello.Alistair Johnson, Sat Jul 30 16:06
        Alistair had headed to the library at the end of the day to select himself a stack of books that he might find useful for writing the latest essay that Professor Perrault had rather typically set for ... more
        • HiKira, Sat Jul 30 17:36
          Kira suppressed a sigh of disappointment. First because it was Alistair Johnson whom she was not nearly as impressed with as Caelia or Kelsey was or as impressed with as Alistair seemed to be with... more
          • Don't be too enthusiastic.Alistair, Sun Jul 31 01:19
            Alistair hadn't expected Kira to disagree with him closing the window and she didn't. From what he had gathered, she wasn't a particularly outgoing girl which surprised him but it was interesting and ... more
            • Enthusiasm isn't my thing lately.Kira, Sun Jul 31 16:56
              Kira was surprised when Alistair kept on speaking to her. She usually was surprised when someone did. "Play."
    • It's not flowing today (MARS 5)Louis Valois, Sat Jul 30 12:39
      Louis huffed in frustration as, for what seemed like the millionth time, he made a mistake. He crashed his hands down on the piano in frustration, creating a somewhat hideous sound. He'd picked up a... more
      • Does it flow ever?Madeleine Dautin, Sat Jul 30 14:52
        Madeleine had big plans for the day. She was behind in her language and music studies since Sonora was such a good place for exploring and because she was so tired from speaking English all day that... more
      • That's kind of the point, it doesn't have to.Tasha DuBois, Sat Jul 30 14:48
        Tasha carried her trumpet along with her, as she was going to the music room to practice. Along with trying different foods, it was her passion. However, once she arrived she noticed Louis Valois... more
        • It's reassuring you think so!Louis , Sat Jul 30 14:55
          Louis sighed, perhaps a little dramatically, which was hardly unusual for him. "You'd probably be doing anyone within earshot a favour, I'm playing awfully today." He made a face. "You know those... more
          • Glad I could help in some wayTasha, Sat Jul 30 15:07
            Tasha nodded. As a fellow musician, she understood having an off day. "Correct, but you can call me Tasha. Oh and it's a trumpet."
            • It flows sometimes, honest!Louis, Sat Jul 30 16:07
              Louis nodded, noting Tasha's name correction for future use. "That's cool," he replied, standing up from the piano stool and starting to gather his music together, several books and loose sheets... more
              • If you say so...Madeleine, Sun Jul 31 17:34
                Madeleine tucked her music older under her arm and nodded. The trumpet was not something she had ever thought of playing before and certainly not something that Maman would have liked. Too brash for... more
    • Bright, sunny dayArianna Valenti, Sat Jul 30 12:23
      It was an especially warm and sunny weekend afternoon, so Arianna put on shorts and a tank top and headed out to the Gardens. She needed a break from the classes and clubs and purebloods of Sonora... more
      • Those are my favourite!Lily Spencer, Sat Jul 30 16:35
        Lily loved bright sunny days. They were perfect for climbing trees and romping around the gardens doing make-believe. Ever since the weather had turned nice, she'd spent every moment possible... more
        • AgreedArianna, Sat Jul 30 19:00
          "Oh," she said slowly, absent-mindedly checking her thick hair for more, gross bugs, "Well, thanks. Yeah, I definitely didn't want to do homework on a day like this." At least it had only been an... more
    • Dinner time!Gabriel Valenti, Sat Jul 30 11:28
      Gabe practically ran into Cascade Hall. He had just finished flying practice with his younger cousin, and he was starving . Getting her ready for the big Quidditch game was proving to be a lot of... more
      • Agreed!Kyte, Sat Jul 30 23:59
        Kyte was happily tucking into his dinner when Gabriel plopped down next to him, asking for the mac 'n' cheese. "Sure," he grinned, passing it over. His own plate was heaped high with it, with some... more
        • Oh goodGabe, Sun Jul 31 01:27
          "Thanks!" he exclaimed. He didn't know Kyte very well, but he was twins with Raine, who was cool, and roommates with Ben, who was cool, and so must also be cool by association. It was pretty much... more
          • Food is an easy subject to agree uponKyte, Sun Jul 31 01:38
            "Sounds fun," Kyte smiled, when Gabe said what he'd been up to. He guessed it made sense for Gabe to continue his sporty pursuits even though his team had been knocked out because... well, sporty... more
            • And the circus!Gabe, Sun Jul 31 01:56
              Gabe perked up at the word "circus". He had heard mention of that being kind of Kyte and Raine's thing, but he didn't know much else about it, and it sounded amazing! It was almost enough to distract ... more
              • Surprisingly soKyte, Sun Jul 31 03:39
                Kyte grinned at Gabe's enthusiasm. Raine had been so worried that they'd be picked on and called 'circus freaks,' but most people at Sonora seemed really cool. "I'm training to be a broom stunt... more
                • It would be weird if it wasn'tGabe, Sun Jul 31 08:24
                  Stunt flying was a thing! Gabe's eyes widened - why had nobody told him about this? He guessed it was probably a good thing that he had focused on the fundamentals at first, but he was a second year... more
                  • "Sure, the more the merrier," he grinned, eating a few more forkfuls of food. "I mean, it takes time to be able to do any of it, but there's sometimes tricks that look hard but are actually kind of... more
                    • Are they delicious things?Gabe, Sun Jul 31 09:54
                      Gabe nodded seriously, rarely put off by hardwork. Well, outside of classwork, anyway. If he put half as much effort in his academics as he did his sports, Zia Patrizia thought he could actually be a ... more
    • Attempting to make more friendsFarrah Welsh, Sat Jul 30 09:27
      Farrah hesitated at the door to the hall, looking around to see if she spotted anyone she was friendly with who might allow her to share a meal time with them. It had not been easy making friends... more
      • Re: Attempting to make more friendsAnonymous, Sat Jul 30 12:12
        Tucking into a nice spot of lunch, Tess felt happy. She'd had a great time at the girls' day with Nevaeh, Raine and Nat the other day, and felt like she was starting to finally make some close... more
        • So far, so goodFarrah , Sat Jul 30 15:05
          Theresa Whittaker or Tess, as Farrah was certain she liked to be called, greeting her in a friendly manner, which she took to assume that it was ok to sit and eat with her. Tess was one of the older... more
          • "It's going pretty well," replied Tess cheerfully. "Although I have got a little more homework to do this evening than I'd like." She frowned at the thought. Whilst she was quite bright, Tess... more
            • Yes you did!Farrah , Sat Jul 30 17:10
              Farrah gave an over exasperated sigh when Tess brought up homework as she was in full agreement with the other girl's assessment. Farrah was an Aladren, so studying was ingrained into her very... more
              • And we agree on the weirdness!Tess, Sun Jul 31 02:22
                Tess laughed in a friendly way at Farrah's confusion, completely in agreement. "I think I heard my mum mention love potions once, but I can't really remember what she said about them. I don't even... more
    • Did you see that?Jamie Park, Sat Jul 30 05:03
      In the time it had taken them all to have a quick post-match shower and any essential debrief, the common room had been strewn with streamers, and plates of snacks had appeared. Pecari sure knew how... more
      • DuhSammy Meeks, Sat Jul 30 05:16
        “Suuuure was,” Sammy replied unenthusiastically, clearly just humoring him. “I mean, yeah. I know. I saw. I was like fifty feet away from you.” She didn’t look at him while addressing him, brown eyes ... more
        • You're duhJamie Park, Sat Jul 30 05:22
          Sammy didn't seem super impressed. Jamie frowned. Hello? Had he, or had he not, just won them a place in the finals? The least she could do was be a little grateful, or enthusiastic. "And now we get... more
          • No, you?Sammy, Sat Jul 30 05:25
            “Bro, I have, like, heaps of House spirit!” she fired back immediately, tearing her eyes away from the crowd and settling them incredulously upon him. Sammy sighed, a startling contrast. “Good job,”... more
            • No, your mumJamie, Sat Jul 30 05:33
              Jamie couldn't help the little grin at Sammy's firey reaction. It was like when Ji-Eun rose to the bait, there was just something satisfying about it. Had a psychologist had a chance to have a crack... more
            • Good jobBen Pierce, Sat Jul 30 05:31
              Ben could not keep the grin off his face as he walked around the victory party, carry a plate heaped high with delicious food. Spotting the man of the hour, he head over and grinned widely at Jamie... more
              • THANKS I'M OUT Sammy, Sat Jul 30 05:37
                A semi-indignant but mostly playful gasp formed on Sammy’s mouth, but before she could respond to the pipsqueak comment, her little buddy Ben Pierce popped over and said hello. And he congratulated... more
                • Congratulations all roundJamie, Sat Jul 30 05:44
                  "Thanks, good job too," Jamie grinned at Ben. He wasn't sure he could name a single thing he'd actually noticed Ben do during the match but even Jamie's thick skull had had enough manners drilled... more
                  • WhoaBen, Sat Jul 30 05:49
                    A girl just hugged him! Ben stared after her for a moment before Jamie returned the congratulations and he shook himself back into the moment. "Thanks! I was busy watching the Quaffle when you did... more
                    • Whoa indeedJamie, Sat Jul 30 06:03
                      "You missed it?" Jamie asked, with open mouthed incredulity. Although he quickly got over it, as Ben's next question was just the opportunity he'd been waiting for... "So, I was marking Jake pretty... more
                      • Triple whoaBen, Sat Jul 30 06:11
                        Ben listened in rapt attention, trying to imagine the play as it was described. "Sweet." He shifted his plate to his left hand and held up his right for a high five. "Yes! We are finally going to put ... more
                        • Everything is awesomeJamie and Ingrid, Sat Jul 30 06:17
                          Ben was the perfect audience, giving Jamie the attention he needed for the sweet moment of victory to feel truly complete. Not only had he won but he was popular for doing so. He high-fived Ben... more
    • Transfiguration Ben Pierce, Sat Jul 30 01:17
      THUNK . Ben grimaced. That was not the sound of a wooden spoon tapping lightly against his desk. That was the the sound of a stone spoon clunking loudly against his desk. Rock to spoon hadn't sounded ... more
      • Sucks to be usKyte, Sat Jul 30 02:54
        "That's how I feel about pretty much every piece of homework," Kyte observed, as Ben smacked his head against the table.
        • Just awfulHippo, Sat Jul 30 05:21
          Ben stopped banging his head but left it on the table as he turned it just enough to look up at Kyte. "Did it ever help?"
          • Teachers are sadistsKyte, Sat Jul 30 05:38
            Kyte pondered the question for half a beat. He was actually pretty sure he'd been talking metaphorically. He couldn't remember a time where he'd actually tried hitting his head. "Dunno... Guess I did ... more
            • Ben smiled, not quite reaching a laugh, but bouyed enough to sit up properly again. "I hope you got that concussion treated, man."
              • I don't thin I have thoseKyte, Sat Jul 30 06:06
                Ben was vertical again. Kyte considered his job well done. Clowning had always been his back-up profession, for when he got too old to be a stunt-rider, but being funny out loud was different. He was ... more
                • My mom's a doctor Ben, Sat Jul 30 06:19
                  Ben chuckled and nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine. The desk top is a little loose so it sounded way harder than I was actually hitting it." He thunked his spoon against it again in demonstration. "See? Barely ... more
                  • There was the potential for a caveman skit. Or for some kind of 'your spoon rocks,' pun (amusing and affirming at the same time) but Kyte couldn't work out how to angle the conversation towards... more
    • Being laughed atRaine Collindale, Fri Jul 29 22:35
      A lot of Raine's favourite clothes were home-made, and the dress she had on today was made of long strips of mismatched fabrics. Like patchwork, only... taller. She knew it wasn't exactly fashionable ... more
    • Monitoring the Library — Clark Dill, Fri Jul 29 20:28
      • Studying hardAraceli, Sat Jul 30 05:53
        Araceli gave Clark a vague smile and a mumbled 'Hello' as she deposited her large stack of books on the counter. She had made unsatisfactory progress on her essay and wasn't sure which of the volumes ... more
        • Good nightClark, Sat Jul 30 06:04
          "Yeah," he agreed when she whispered her reassurance, partly because words could get tricky sometimes and partly because he couldn't remember Araceli talking to him much before, and it was surprising ... more
    • Chance encounter in the hallsGinger, Fri Jul 29 19:41
      Ginger meandered down the school corridors on a Sunday. She had nowhere particular to go and no rush to get there. She smiled at the people she passed, but stopped abruptly when she saw the next... more
      • Thanks for the confidence boost!Abigail De La Garza, Sun Jul 31 11:39
        Abby usually wore her hair down but since she had plenty of time on her hands today she had decided to style herself two braids at the front, pulled together into a ponytail with the rest of her dark ... more
        • You are very welcome!Ginger , Sun Jul 31 12:20
          "Some need four or five or more, I'm sure!" Ginger agreed laughing. During her first two years at Sonora, her go-to do of choice had been a pair of pigtail braids, but when she reached her teen... more
          • Abby was glad that Ginger, who appeared to have every aspect of life 100% sorted, still managed to relate to the difficulties of braiding one's own hair. "Of course you can use it," Abby beamed at... more
    • An Angry response (Tag Sammy)Gia Donovan, Fri Jul 29 19:26
      Gia was so upset about the confrontation that had occurred during the Fashion Club meeting. She had already been so unsure of herself when going to the club because she hadn't been too sure as to... more
      • Who ever thought I'd be the one pacifying?Sammy Meeks, Fri Jul 29 19:39
        "Nah," came Sammy's casual answer. She shoved her hands in her pockets as she strolled along at her friend's side. Admittedly, she wasn't altogether sure what had even happened ; it kinda seemed like ... more
        • Yeah, buy it was bound to happen Gia, Sat Jul 30 06:53
          Gia smiled when she felt Sammy's hand take her own and squeeze it. It was comforting to know that she had someone here who had her back. Gia rarely ever spoke out against someone and when she did,... more
          • I supposeSammy, Sat Jul 30 16:07
            "Yeah, of course," Sammy chuckled. "And we can make the others join it, so that's already enough for, like, half a club." Laila, Joella, and Chuck seemed to be the kind of people who were always up... more
            • Have some faith!Gia, Sat Jul 30 17:04
              Gia had never thought she could run a club by herself and not one that people would necessarily join, but with Sammy being involved, it was bound to be successful. She didn't want to step on Emmy's... more
    • Hoping to be more social.Jack Spencer, Fri Jul 29 17:17
      Jack walked down into the library and saw his classmates. He'd been hoping to create his own group of friends to study with. It would be most helpful during big exams like their CATS next year, and... more
      • An attempt to be socialJax Donovan, Fri Jul 29 19:20
        When not in class, Jax was usually in the MARS Sports Room working out and, if not in there or the hall, then in the Library studying. He was an Aladren after all. Most days, his sister or friends... more
        • Let's see if we can do this.Jack Spencer, Sat Jul 30 14:34
          Jack joined his room-mate and brought out his books. Though he hadn't spoken much to Jax, sharing a room with him gave Jack some level of comfort. "I agree," said Jack. "Transfiguration essays are... more
          • I'm not the best at thisJax, Sat Jul 30 15:11
            Jax nodded along to what Jack was saying. Transfiguration was always trying to have them explain the why and how, but Potions typically just asked them to explain the effects of a potion or what... more
            • Neither am I.Jack, Sat Jul 30 16:19
              Jack was surprised to hear that his room-mate was attending with Laila. Jax seemed like the quiet sort, and he wondered how Jax had gone about asking her. "She was in my group last year during the... more
              • Glad we have that in commonJax, Sat Jul 30 17:35
                Jax nodded. "I think everyone was grate ful when those things were over." Jax stated, giving Jack one of his usual smirks. His own team hadn't been bad and he usually found himself keeping watch on... more
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