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Sat Jul 30, 2016 05:37

A semi-indignant but mostly playful gasp formed on Sammy’s mouth, but before she could respond to the pipsqueak comment, her little buddy Ben Pierce popped over and said hello. And he congratulated Jamie. That was good. As much as she was actually--surprisingly--kinda having a fun time talking to the Seeker, she decided it was Ben’s turn to stroke Jamie’s ego now.

“Ben! Nice to see you! Here, how about you keep Jamie company? I was just heading off to get a drink.” She stood up, gave Ben a quick hug, waved goodbye to Jamie, and disappeared through the Pecaris strewn between their position and the concessions.

  • Good jobBen Pierce, Sat Jul 30 05:31
    Ben could not keep the grin off his face as he walked around the victory party, carry a plate heaped high with delicious food. Spotting the man of the hour, he head over and grinned widely at Jamie... more
    • THANKS I'M OUT — Sammy, Sat Jul 30 05:37
      • Congratulations all roundJamie, Sat Jul 30 05:44
        "Thanks, good job too," Jamie grinned at Ben. He wasn't sure he could name a single thing he'd actually noticed Ben do during the match but even Jamie's thick skull had had enough manners drilled... more
        • WhoaBen, Sat Jul 30 05:49
          A girl just hugged him! Ben stared after her for a moment before Jamie returned the congratulations and he shook himself back into the moment. "Thanks! I was busy watching the Quaffle when you did... more
          • Whoa indeedJamie, Sat Jul 30 06:03
            "You missed it?" Jamie asked, with open mouthed incredulity. Although he quickly got over it, as Ben's next question was just the opportunity he'd been waiting for... "So, I was marking Jake pretty... more
            • Triple whoaBen, Sat Jul 30 06:11
              Ben listened in rapt attention, trying to imagine the play as it was described. "Sweet." He shifted his plate to his left hand and held up his right for a high five. "Yes! We are finally going to put ... more
              • Everything is awesomeJamie and Ingrid, Sat Jul 30 06:17
                Ben was the perfect audience, giving Jamie the attention he needed for the sweet moment of victory to feel truly complete. Not only had he won but he was popular for doing so. He high-fived Ben... more
                • Let's kick some hawk butt!Liliana Bannister, Sat Jul 30 14:39
                  Liliana was so, so proud of her team! She had even grabbed Jamie Park in a bone crushing hug after the game, kissing his cheek in a moment of elation she now regretted since she was certain it only... more
                  • That sounds like a plan!Joella Curtis, Sun Jul 31 01:44
                    Joella had been close enough to Jamie to hear Sammy's first response to him (the lack of enthusiasm of which had surprised her immensely - maybe something was wrong with Sammy but seeing how well the ... more
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